Shiro maguro

Shiro maguro

Japanese name Edit

  • shiro maguro

About albacore tuna Edit

Albacore is a variety of tuna that is very flavorful and has the lightest colored flesh of all the different species of tuna. It is generally more expensive than other varieties and the canned version is often called "white tuna." The meat is tender and flaky when cooked and like all tuna, it is fairly high in fat content.

Eating sustainably Edit

The best choice for shiro maguro is to use troll- or pole-caught albacore tuna from British Columbia or the United States.
A good alternative option is Hawaiian albacore tuna which has been long-line caught, or Atlantic troll, pole-and-line caught.
Imported albacore tuna should be avoided.

Mercury warning
Both the Hawaiian and imported albacore tuna have warnings to limit consumption due to concerns about mercury or other contaminants.

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