Chao Fan, colloquially known as Chahan, is fried rice originally came from china. Known around the world, especially on tiny take-out eat-on-the-go rice-in-a-box type of food.


Cooked Rice

Meat (Ham, Bacon, Hot dogs, or just Pork cuts) Cut into tiny cube pieces

Green Onions

Eggs (Scrambled would be easier to distribute, but I like having varied color of eggs in my cha han)

Oil (it can be butter or Margarine)

Soy Sauce

Green Peas, Carrots (Can be those packets of Frozen Veggies, no corn)


1. Heat the Oil and saute your meat

2. Mix Green Peas and Carrots

3. Add the Cooked rice and mix

4. Add the egg and toss to distrubute it evenly

5. Add the Soy Sauce and toss again.

6. Serve on a Plate, Season with Green Onions

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