Futsushu 普通酒 (also Futsu-shu or Futsuu-shu) is a low-grade sake often referred to as "normal sake," or "table sake." "Futsu" generally refers to any non-premium brew, while "shu" simply means sake. This is a drink that the average person might enjoy with dinner any night of the week, and is the least expensive variety. It is the equivalent of "table wine" in the wine world, and accounts for around 80% of all sake that is made. Sake in this lowest grade is produced with additives of pure distilled alcohol in order to increase yields and lower costs. Many connoisseurs will consider futsushu to be vastly inferior, and may refer to it as "cheap," "nasty," and "vile." In reality there are many sake in this group which the average consumer will find perfectly enjoyable, and certainly drinkable. Although some cheaper sake in this class will have sugars and organic acids added to "improve" the flavor, the better of the futsushu variety does not. While virtually every kind of alcoholic drink will have "good" and "bad" versions in every available quality-level, no true sake will ever have any preservatives added to it.


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