Japanese name Edit

  • Sake

About salmon Edit

People have been eating salmon since the beginning of time! Salmon is one of the best choices for a meal as it has a good combination of healthy Omega-3 acids and protein, while the fat levels are usually low. Even before modern nutrition analyzed salmon, this fish was a popular food source for native fishermen. It is known that entire tribes situated in areas with high salmon activity relied on this fish for food for most of he year. Although brief, the periods when the salmon spawns are bountiful for fishermen, who, in the past, smoked salmon meat and fed on it for months.

Eating sustainably Edit

The best choice is wild-caught salmon from Alaska as it is caught in environmentally friendly ways.
Good alternative options are wild-caught salmon from Washington state and north of Cape Falcon, Oregon.
Farmed salmon, especially Atlantic farmed salmon should be avoided as the farming practices are considered harmful to other marine life.

Mercury warning
Both the Washington state wild salmon and farmed salmon have warnings to limit consumption due to concerns about mercury or other contaminants.

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