thumb|300px|right|Blade Runner: One is enough.For tech noir fans of a certain generation, the steamy Los Angeles streets prowled by Rick Deckard in Blade Runner served as a first, if dystopian, introduction to Japanese cuisine – of a sort.

“Sushi. That's what my ex-wife calls me - cold fish,” Harrision Ford grumbled as the iconic detective Deckard. Moreover, he’s apparently fluent in Japanese, as when ordering at a Japanese-themed eatery he tries to obtain four otherwise unseen comestibles but resignedly accepts two on the recommendation of the “Sushi Master.”

Sushi Master: (in Japanese) "What'll it be?"

Deckard: (pointing) Give me four.

Sushi Master: Futatsu de jubun desu yo. [translation: “Two is enough!”]

Deckard: No. Four. Two, two, four.

Sushi Master: Futatsu de jubun desu yo. [ditto]

Deckard: And noodles.

With a prequel and sequel in negotiations, let’s hope the next Blade Runner dining sequence is more scintillating. Though, for some, one Blade Runner is enough – with noodles.

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