We’ve come a long way from ye olde taco truck. Moveable feasts representing the full gamut of the world’s cuisines have turned motorways into a veritable roadside buffet. At long last, I’ve found a Japanese-themed food truck in San Francisco (why it took me so long when armed with the prodigious search ability of Google, I cannot answer).

Onigilly, pronounced “Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee” according to the handy pronunciation key at, bills itself not only as the “Samurai Snack,” which is “Yummy, Healthy & Handy!” but, in my estimation, is the definitive experience in Japanese cuisine on wheels. The cart is parked at Justin Herman Plaza (5 Steuart Street at Market in SF) and is open from 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday and closes when its sold out of its savory seaweed-wrapped brown rice and gourmet fillings.

Daily menus are posted at as well as on Twitter (@onigilly). At present writing, the menu features miso tuna salad, teriyaki chicken, hijiki black seaweed, and renkon lotus root.

Time to get your grub on, samurai.

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