Ever go to a sushi joint and been overwhelmed with the desire to wolf down a Twinkie instead? Sure, it's a rare phenomenon but it happened to at least one chap, who channeled the crossed signals between his brain and belly into an entirely new kind of sushi – well, it's not sushi at all, but it sure looks like it. They're pastries a la Hostess-style cupcakes. I found them buried deep on a graphic designer's website that looks like it hasn't been touched for the better part of a decade. On a page dubbed "Weird Sushi," introductory text rhetorically asks "Does the world really need faux sushi that tastes like creme-filled sponge cake?" Yes, damn it. At least some dude named Alan thought so and baked up a batch of sashimi and California rolls made of tiny cakes and frosting (including a green dollop of "wasabi" that looks as if it were squeezed fresh from a pastry bag). Itadakimasu!

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